Will Aston
Appears in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 
Gender Male 
Color Black 
Debut Kick Into Overdrive, Part One 
Last Seen Crown and Punishment 
Sentai Counterpart Masumi Inou 
Portrayed By Samuell Benta 

Will Aston is the Black Operation Overdrive Ranger. He is portrayed by Samuell Benta.


Will tries to maintain an image of the "bad boy." Will, given his criminal profession, shows a tactical and cunning individual with a knack for espionage and computers. Will can be selfish on occasion and has womanizing tendencies. Despite his flaws however, Will isn't a villain and has a soft side.


Civilian Power

The Overdrive Suits allow each Ranger to utilize one unique super-power. Will's Suit grants him enhanced hearing and sight.





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