Appears in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 
Gender Male 
Color Silver 
Debut Face to Face, Part One 
Last Seen Crown and Punishment 
Sentai Counterpart Eiji Takaoka 
Portrayed By Dwayne Cameron 

Tyzonn is the Sixth Operation Overdrive Ranger hailing from the planet Mercuria. He is portrayed by Dwayne Cameron.


Tyzonn, being a intergalactic rescue worker, has great experience with tragedy and danger. Tyzonn exhibits the shock stemming from his losses and as such goes out of his way to isolate himself to prevent anymore fatalities. However, as he learns more about life on Earth and the virtues of his teammates; Tyzonn grows into a bolder person. Being a rescue worker, Tyzonn has a natural compassion toward the fallen and demonstrates great competency in the fields of medicine.

Tyzonn seems to find it difficult to adjust to life on Earth and shows a near-obsession in learning more about the lives of his teammates; most notably Will and Rose.


Civilian Power

The Overdrive Suits allow each Ranger to utilize one unique super-power.

Tyzonn's Suit doesn't seem to grant him any unique abilities. However, being a native Mercurian, Tyzonn has the ability to manipulate the Mercury inside of his body for various functions; primarily battle-related.





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