Troy Burrows
Appears in Power Rangers Megaforce, Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Mega Mission 
Last Seen Legendary Battle 
Sentai Counterpart Alata (Megaforce), Captain Marvelous (Super Megaforce) 
Portrayed By Andrew Gray 
Troy Burrows is the Red Megaforce/Super Megaforce Ranger and stoic leader of the team. He is played by Andrew Gray.


Troy stands as the silent member of the team. Quiet and determined, Troy is looking ever-further to improve himself. While he can come off as antagonistic at times, he cares for those around him; never hesitating to stand up for the Earth and those he loves. There are subtle implications that Troy has a rough background which may explain his hesitancy to open up; though this remains unexplored.


Power Card SystemEdit

The Megaforce Rangers were granted the ability to Morph using specialized Morphers invented by Gosei and Tensou. Theese Morphers rely on Power Cards, which allow the Megaforce Rangers to access a wide range of abilities and functions, from using elemental powers to summonzing Zords and weapons. While each Megaforce Ranger possesses auxilliary cards for overall functions, all of the Rangers' ability cards are tied directly to the element they are associated with.

Troy and Emma possess Sky-related Power Cards and control the Sky Brother Zords.

Legendary Ranger KeysEdit

The Super Megaforce Rangers are granted the ability to utilize the Legendary Ranger Keys by Gosei. These Keys allow the Super Mega Rangers to emulate the aesthetic and abilities of the past Power Rangers teams that have preceded them.





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