Trey of Triforia
Appears in Power Rangers Zeo, In Space, (Cameo), 
Gender Male 
Color Gold 
Debut The Power of Gold 
Last Seen Countdown to Destruction, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Riki 
Portrayed By Ted DiFilippo, Tom DiFilippo, Tim DiFilippo, Brad Hawkins (Voiceover only) 

Trey is an alien warrior from the planet Triforia that later becomes an ally to the Zeo Power Rangers, acting as their Gold Sixth Ranger. He is portrayed by Ted, Tom, and Tim DiFilippo. When Morphed, he is voiced by Brad Hawkins.




In order to conserve his energy after a monster attack, Trey of Triforia splits himself into three different personalities: Courage, Wisdom, and Heart. Each portion is able to talk and act independently; though all three are present to transfer the Gold Power to Jason.




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