Trading Places
US Air Date : March 3, 2012

Written by :

David McDermott

Directed by :

Jonathan Brough

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Shell Game

Next episode

Something Fishy

"Trading Places" is the third episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai.


A new Nighlok named Switchbeast traps the spirits of four rangers while Mike and Emily try to defeat him to save the others. Jayden is a garden-gnome, Kevin a ballerina music box, Mia as a fan, and Antonio (ironically) a fish he was going to eat. Switchbeast also traps the spirits of people at a public market in some of the items they were selling- including the wannabe samurais: Bulk and Spike into a soda can and a newspaper. Switchbeast does this to have the humans "recycle" his victims without knowing it, which will cause the misery of the people he switched to raise the Sanzu River. Mike and Emily manage to switch the Nighlok's spirit with Mike to make him force the spirits of everyone back into their own bodies. This works as even the Samurais return, but Antonio is traumatized when he escapes just as a stray kitten is about to eat the fish he was in. Mike goes Super Samurai and destroys Switchbeast, but with the Nighlok supersized, the two rangers must pilot their Claw Armor Megazord. The two rangers win and celebrate with their friends by having a bar-b-que. Meanwhie, Xandred is angered at this defeat, and throws a Furry Wart out a gap. The Furry Wart meets Dayu on a river stream as Dayu plans to find a way to end Master Xandred's life for casting her out and breaking her harmonium.

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