Theo Martin
Appears in Power Rangers Jungle Fury 
Gender Male 
Color Blue 
Debut Welcome to the Jungle, Part One 
Last Seen Now the Final Fury 
Sentai Counterpart Retsu Fukami 
Portrayed By Aljin Abella 

Theo Martin is the Blue Jungle Fury Ranger. He is portrayed by Aljin Abella.


As a hard-worker, Theo is dedicated to his personal strength and doesn't like breaking rules and traditions. Theo relies heavily on logic in combat and tries to strategize his way past an enemy. While he is well-meaning, Theo has a narcissistic side and often brags frequently. He also has to adjust to being a team player, and can be petulant now and then.

He seems to harbor romantic feelings for his friend and ally Lily Chilman.


Animal SpiritsEdit

Members of the Pai Zhua and Dai Shi Clans can house their inner essence in the form of "Animal Spirits." Through training, these students and Masters can perform supernatural feats in combat; ranging from summoning the Spirit to attack to controlling energies. Theo houses the Spirit of the Jaguar, which seems to be associated with the trait of skill.





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