The Rescue
US Air Date : March 17, 2012

Written by :

Samuel McLean

Directed by :

Akhiro Noguchi

Previous episode

Something Fishy

Next episode

Clash of the Red Rangers : The Movie

The Rescue is the fifth episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai.


At the Shiba House, with Antonio having conquered his fear of fish Mike and Emily decide to keep the stray kitten as a pet. The rangers are surprised to see Antonio and Mentor Ji working collaboratively to create the Shark Disk with the Light Zord. Mike plays a prank on Antonio by putting dry cat food in Antonio's plate of trailmix but is caught by Mentor who gives Mike a taste of his own medicine before deciding to continue working on the Disk outdoors, free of distractions. Meanwhile at the Sanzu river, Octoroo announces the return of the powerful Nighlok Eyescar to Master Xandred, who has a plan to trap the rangers. Upon completing the Shark Disk, Antonio and Mentor Ji are kidnapped by a swarm of Moogers. With the Gap Sensor sounding the rangers head to investigate their disappearance. While following the trail left by Antonio the Rangers are ambushed by a large amount of Moogers. Mike figures out there is something within the Light Zord and unleashes it which turns out to be the Shark Disk. This allows Jayden to access Shark Attack Mode to destroy all the Moogers effortlessly. Eyescar eagerly awaits the arrival of the Rangers with his massive Mooger army, outnumbering the Rangers a hundred to one but Jayden having anticipating the situation, enters the fray with the Samurai Battlewing destroying most of the Moogers with an aerial assault. The Rangers then move in and rescue Mentor and Antonio before defeating Eyescar together. When Eyescar returns to life as a mega monster the Rangers use the Shark Sword to finish him off. Back at the Shiba House Mentor Ji and Antonio thank the rest of the team for their help and Mike attempts to try the same prank again on Antonio only to be caught by Mentor again.

In a subplot Bulk and Spike try to create signature symbols for each other.

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