The Perfect Storm
Episode 21-10 
Season Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Original Premiere August 31st, 2014 (Hulu Plus), September 6th, 2014 (Official Release) 
Directed by Jonathan Tzachor 
Written by Jim Peronto 
Preceded by Power of Six 
Followed by Love Is In the Air 

The Perfect Storm is the tenth episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. It is a comedy episode focused on Tensou.



Major EventsEdit

  • Tensou gets struck by a stray lightning bolt, giving him amnesia. This causes him to start wandering around the city.
  • The Rangers soon find Tensou, but he is mistaken for a man's suitcase and is taken on-board a bus.
  • Tensou is soon tracked to the Mall and recovered from an intimidating-looking man.
  • Prince Vekar sends the Armada commander Sirjinkor to complete a project on Earth that Vrak never finished. Completing the structure gives the monster the power to battle the Super Megaforce.
  • Sirjinkor is defeated by a Legendary Zeo Mode finishing move and then by the MegaZords; but he uses the last of his power to hurl an asteroid to Earth; which is intercepted by Orion's Q-Rex Drill.


The ArmadaEdit

Legendary Ranger ModesEdit


  • When the Super Mega Rangers activate Legendary Squadron Mode, a freeze-frame of Robo Knight and the original Megaforce suits' legs can be seen, the result of skipped stock footage.
  • Vrak has been mentioned for the first time since the season premiere.

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