The Bullzord
US Air Date : March 17, 2012

Written by :

Akihiro Noguchi

Directed by :

Mark Handler

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The Rescue

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He Aint Heavy Metal, He's My Brother

"The Bullzord" is the eighth episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai.


Someone has broken into the Shiba House and is a little boy named Cody whose family guarded the Bullzord for many years. He ran away because he wants Jayden to use a disc to release the Bullzord, which has been sealed. He can speak to the Bull Zord and it wants to be free. They take him home and his dad is not for him releasing the zord. The one who sealed it was 'The Grand Shogun' which was a Red Ranger in the Shogun armor, they have a statue of him in their home. Of course, Serrator and his Nighlok have their eyes on it. Cody runs away to see the Bull Zord and the Nighlok follow him. Cody releases the Bullzord and it goes on a rampage. The Rangers board their zords to tame it, but the Moogers attack them. Samurai Megazord tries riding the bullzord to no avail. They beat the Moogers but the Bullzord breaks free from its chains takes Cody with him. The Rangers tell his dad about what happened. They send out their zords to find Bullzord. Xandred tells the Nighlok Crustor he has his attention. Octoroo feels sorry for Crustor. The zords return with their location. Cody's dad gives Jayden the Power Disc his ancestors used to create the zord and it can control it. The Rangers spot Crustor and the Moogers and they fight. Crustor and Jayden enter the Bull Zord and fight. Jayden convinces Cody to tame the Bull. He goes to Super Mode. Cody tames it and gives Jayden the red disk. Then the 'Grand Shogun' appears before them and congratulates them. Jayden goes to Mega Mode and enters the cockpit as Crustor is now big. Crustor and the Bull Megazord battle it out, Jayden going to Shogun Mode inside the Bull Megazord. At the end, Cody is returned to his father and has lots of ideas for the Rangers. Jayden says he can be a great ally but we all know the truth that we will never see him again.

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