Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan
Season 5


February 7, 1981

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Previous Season

Denshi Sentai Denziman

Next Season

Dai Sentai Goggle-V

The PlotEdit

Due to the threat of the Machine Empire Black Magma, the EPDS (Earth Peace Defense Squad) forms the Taiyo Sentai. Commander Arashiyama manages to assemble three specialist to become Sun Vulcan. Using the powers of the Eagle, Shark and Panther, the Sun Vulcan defend the earth from the sinister deeds of the Machine Empire Black Magma and Queen Hedrian.

The Sun VulcanEdit

Ryuusuke Oowashi - Vul Eagle I


Takayuki Hiba - Vul Eagle II

Vul Shark - Vul Shark

Asao Hyou - Vul Panther


Daizaburou Arashiyama

Misa Arashiyama


Machine Empire Black Magma


  • Vulcan Brace
  • Vulcan Stick
  • Vulcan Ball
  • New Vulcan Ball


Jaguar Vulcan

Sun Vulcan Robo

  • Cosmo Vulcan
  • Bull Vulcan


  1. The Machine Empire of the North Pole
  2. The Day Mankind Lapses
  3. Iron Claw Challenging Japan
  4. Boy, Detective Work and Spy
  5. The Wicked Sun God
  6. The House Ruled by Machines
  7. Beast, Batter, and Tears
  8. Father Sings a Song of Diligence
  9. Papa Became a Monster
  10. The Poison Spider Mansion Ambush
  11. The Mecha Girl of Sadness
  12. The Queen Who Eats Diamonds
  13. The Living Black Ball
  14. The Day the Earth Surrenders
  15. The Queen's Greed Dance
  16. A Demon Runs the Schoolyard
  17. Ghost Story! The Valley of Goblins
  18. The Surprising Big Star
  19. The Dangerous 100-Point Boy
  20. The Machine Wrestler's Trap
  21. Love Brought by the Sea Breeze
  22. Tokyo Big Panic!
  23. Galaxy Haunts' Female Commander
  24. Hamanako's Nessie
  25. The Hole of the Shocking Sea Serpent
  26. Starving Filling Cooking
  27. A Midsummer Night's Great Fear
  28. Is Sukehachi Friend or Foe?
  29. Pretty Swordsman, White Rose Mask
  30. Dream of the Giant Monster's Big Riot
  31. Big Tokyo Numbing Ondo
  32. Arrest the Face-Thief
  33. The Hateful, Stylish Thief
  34. The Cursed Dead
  35. Friends!? La Cucaracha
  36. The Esper
  37. Himiko!
  38. Asao Hyou's Dad-Lord
  39. Falling on Her Rear, Tomboy Daughter
  40. The Best Friend Assassination Angel
  41. Seven Changing Doronpa Raccoon-Dogs
  42. Daydreams of Boys Who Sleep In
  43. You too Can Become a Genius
  44. The Great Escape: Heli Explosion
  45. The Galaxy's Invincible Electric Man
  46. The Female Commander's (Secret) Plan
  47. The Machine Empire's Rebellion
  48. The Giant Aircraft Carrier has been Stolen
  49. The Queen's Last Appirition Art
  50. Shine, North Pole Aurora


Sun Vulcan was the only Super Sentai Series to ever have only 3 rangers in it's team.

It was also the only Sentai Series with no female rangers.

Official WebsiteEdit

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