Elizabeth Delgado
Appears in Power Rangers SPD 
Gender Female 
Color Pink 
Debut Beginnings, Part One 
Last Seen Endings, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Koume Kodou 
Portrayed By Alycia Purrot 

Sydney Drew is the Pink SPD Ranger. She is portrayed by Alycia Purrot.



Genetic TraitsEdit

Each of the B-Squad Rangers have one specific genetic trait within them that acts akin to a superpower; gained through experimentation. Syd has the unique ability to modify her molecular structure to match anything she touches. (IE: Touching a rock to gain it's hardness)

She usually performs this on an Iron Nugget she keeps within her uniform to give herself her signature Fists of Iron.





  • Z and Syd are the only two SPD Rangers to never gain an on-screen promotion of any kind.

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