Super Samurai
US Air Date : February 18, 2012

Written by :

James W. Bates

Directed by :

Peter Salmon

Previous episode

Christmas Together, Friends Together

Next episode

Shell Game

Super Samurai is the first episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai. It aired on February 18, 2012 on Nickelodeon HD.


The Samurai Rangers must seal up cracks in the ground where water from the Sanzu River is seeping in. Meanwhile, Arachnitor resurfaces and uses the water to prevent himself from drying out. At the Shiba House, Antonio works on the Black Box. After he completes it, he rushes to where the other Rangers are. The Rangers battle Arachnitor and Antonio finally makes it there. He informs Jayden and the others that he has finally unlocked the Black Box. Jayden uses this new power to access his Super Mode and defeat Arachnitor. Arachnitor grows into a mega monster. With the power of Black Box they combine together Tigerzord, Beetlezord and Swordfishzord into the Samurai BattleCannon to destroy Arachnitor.

In a subplot Bulk and Spike attempt to record the Rangers battling the Nighloks on film, so that they can learn some of their moves.


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