Something Fishy
US Air Date : March 10, 2012

Written by :

Eugene Son

Directed by :

Johnathan Brough

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Trading Places

Next episode

The Rescue

"Something Fishy" is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai.


A depressed Antonio sits in front of a lake when he gets a distress call from Jayden, stating they need his help. While the Rangers are fighting some Moogers, Antonio appears and Morphs. He pulls out the Barracuda Blade, and cringes in fear at the sight of it. After the Moogers are defeated the Rangers make sure Antonio is okay and Antonio reveals he's scared of fish. Meanwhile at the Sanzu River a new villain, Serrator appears and offers help to him in his plans. Master Xandred is skeptical at first but when Serrator proves his loyalty to him he is accepted. Back at the Shiba House the team tries to help Antonio out with aversion therapy, Jayden is afraid of spiders, Mike is claustrophobic, and Mia is afraid of frogs. After that attempt fails, the Gap Sensor goes off and the Rangers rush into action. Antonio stays behind, and Ji shows him the LightZord, an ancient Zord that no Ranger has been able to master and Ji aks Antonio to see if he can unlock it. The rangers deal with two Spitfangs before Serrator destroys the monsters and personally tests the Samurai rangers' fighting skills. Serrator effortlessly defeats the Rangers in battle. At the last second, Antonio arrives with the Lightzord to drive Serrator off before enlarging Lightzord to take out the Papyrox. Later on the Rangers ask Antonio how he got over his fear, he tells them and they laugh.

In a subplot Bulk and Spike attempt to rescue the stray kitten from the top of a tree but end up getting stuck there themselves.

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