Silver Lining, Part 2
Episode 21-08 
Season Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Original Premiere April 12th, 2014 
Directed by Charlie Haskell 
Written by Seth Walther & Jill Donnellan 
Preceded by Silver Lining, Part 1 
Followed by Power of Six 

Silver Lining, Part 2 is the eighth episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. It features Orion's induction into the team and the debut of the Q-Rex Megazord.



Major EventsEdit

  • Orion gives the Rangers his backstory; meeting Gosei and Tensou in the process.
    • During a mining expedition, Orion stumbled across the Silver Ranger Key and Morpher; rceiving a vision of the Sixth Rangers in the process.
    • The Armada invaded his planet of Andresia and laid it to waste; forcing Orion to Morph for the first time.
    • After months of honing his skills, he seizes a stray Armada ship and makes his way to Earth.
  • The Rangers give Orion a tour of the city and a makeover.
  • The monster Osogain is sent by the Armada elites to cause general chaos; since Vekar has sunk into a depression.
  • The Super Mega Rangers engage Osogain with a Legendary Samurai Mode change; coaxing Orion to use his first Sixth Ranger Key.
  • Orion unlocks the Q-Rex Megazord to battle an enlarged Osogain with, cementing his status as part of the team.
  • The Ranger celebrate at Ernie's as a concerned Troy watches Orion closely.


The ArmadaEdit

Legendary Ranger ModesEdit


  • Due to a stock footage editing error, the scene of Osogain being enlarged loops three times.
  • When the Rangers initiate the Samurai change, Sixth Ranger Keys are seen in their hands.

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