Silver Lining, Part 1
Episode 21-07 
Season Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Original Premiere April 5th, 2014 
Directed by Charlie Haskell 
Written by Seth Walther & Jill Donnellan 
Preceded by Spirit of the Tiger 
Followed by Silver Lining, Part 2 

Silver Lining, Part 1 is the seventh episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. It features the debut of Orion, the sixth Super Megaforce ranger.



Major EventsEdit

  • Orion crashes on Earth, and begins secretly taking out X-Borg waves before the Rangers can intervene.
  • The monster Gorgax is sent down to plant a bomb in the city; narrowly stopped by the arrival of the Rangers.
  • Due to his earlier failure, Prince Vekar discreetly plants a bomb inside of Gorgax's barrier-collar with intent to use him as a live bomb; to the complete disgust of Damaras.
  • Orion is shown to be working at Ernie's, and unwittingly encounters Gia when going to take his break.
  • The Silver Ranger arrives and saves the Rangers from inadvertently setting the bomb off while taking Gorgax down in a show of force.
  • The rangers learn the identity of the Silver Ranger; with Gia recognizing Orion immediately.


The ArmadaEdit

Legendary Ranger ModesEdit


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