Shelby Watkins
Appears in Power Rangers Dino Charge, Power Rangers Dino Supercharge 
Gender Female 
Color Pink 
Debut Powers From the Past 
Last Seen N/A 
Sentai Counterpart Amy Yuuzuki 
Portrayed By Camille Hyde 

Shelby Watkins is the Pink Dino Charge Ranger. She is played by Camille Hyde.


You'll never find a more persistent soul than Shelby. With a rough-and-tumble disposition, Shelby is always eager to prove herself, especially in the eyes of Kendall. Shelby is very perceptive, but tends to be underestimated by those around her due to her occasional clumsiness. She can be stubborn at times as well, and is sometimes hard to communicate with.



Prior to the extinction of the Dinosaurs, The Keeper gave the mystical Energems to the Dinosaurs of Earth for safekeeping. However, the release of Sledge's asteroid collection wiped them out and scattered the Energems throughout the planet. Upon finding the Energems, the Rangers found themselves bonded to a dinosaur-turned-Zord; having also gained superpowers that amplify their abilities and have had their aging processes halted, essentially allowing them immortality. Each Dino Charge Ranger is bonded to a specific Dinosaur.

Shelby is bonded to the Tricera Zord.

Dino Charge TechnologyEdit

Kendall has developed small battery-like devices called Dino Chargers, which allow the Rangers to harness the powers of their Energems through the use of special abilities. The Chargers are activated when a Ranger presses the negative side of the Charger. When not in use, the Chargers are re-charged by the Energems and are managed by Kendall. It is implied that the Chargers are linked directly with the DNA of the Dinosaur they're bonded to.





  • Shelby is the first Pink Ranger to be in a major comic-relief role.

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