Sentinel Knight
Sentinel Knight
Appears in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 
Gender Male 
Color Gold 
Debut Kick into Overdrive, Part One 
Last Seen Crown and Punishment 
Sentai Counterpart Zubaan 
Portrayed By Nic Sampson 

The Sentinel Knight is the spectral ally of the Operation Overdrive Rangers. He is portrayed by Nic Sampson.


Due to a lack of screen-time, a full personality analysis is impossible; though from what is established, the Sentinel Knight shows an urge to do good, a rudimentary understanding of modern Earth customs, and the tendency to ramble.


Being an ancient entity, the Sentinel Knight shows a wide array of abilities, such as teleportation and the ability to enter the form of a sword.

Prior to re-gaining a physical body; the Sentinel Knight possessed a blackened body underneath his armor-set.

He can also grow to giant proportions to deal with his enemies directly; and also serves as a portion of the Red Ranger's Battilizer.


  • Giant Form




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