Omega 3
Appears in Power Rangers SPD 
Gender Male 
Color White 
Debut Beginnings, Part One 
Last Seen Endings, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Tekkan Aira 
Portrayed By Uncredited Actor (Unmorphed Scene), Aaron James Murphy (As a Child), Brett Stewart (Voiceover) 

Sam is the Omega SPD Ranger. He is portrayed by an uncredited actor un-morphed and Aaron James Murphy as a child. His overall voice-work is done by Brett Stewart.



Genetic TraitsEdit

Each of the B-Squad Rangers have one specific genetic trait within them that acts akin to a superpower; gained through experimentation. Sam developed the ability to teleport other objects to various locations.

Due to the side-effects of his time-travelling; Sam is restricted to a form resembling a floating ball when not in Morph.



  • Omega Morpher
    • Electro Mode
    • Blast Mode
    • Power Mode
    • Muscle Mode
    • Hyper Mode
    • Lightbeam Mode
    • Charged Up Mode



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