Veronica "Ronny" Robinson
Appears in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 
Gender Female 
Color Yellow 
Debut Kick Into Overdrive, Part One 
Last Seen Crown and Punishment 
Sentai Counterpart Natsuki Mamiya 
Portrayed By Caitlin Murphy 

Veronica Robinson (Primarily going by Ronny) is the Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger. She is portrayed by Caitlin Murphy.


Ronny, like her ally Dax, has an enthusiastic and outgoing disposition. She possesses a unwavering perseverance and refuses to bend or bow down to anything that may oppose her. This is reflected by her competitiveness; as she has an obsessive need to over-achieve and be the "the best." However, she has a soft side; and seems especially fond of the Mercurian Tyzonn.

Ronny displays extreme joy when behind the wheel of any vehicle; and can adapt to new technology quite easily.


Civilian Power

The Overdrive Suits allow each Ranger to utilize one unique super-power. Ronny's Suit grants her super-speed.





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