Rocky DeSantos
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Appears in Season 2, Season 3, Alien Rangers, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Turbo, Zeo
Gender Male 
Color Red (Mighty Morphin), Blue (Zeo) 
Debut The Ninja Encounter, Part 1 
Last Seen Shift Into Turbo, Part 2 
Sentai Counterpart Geki (Mighty Morphin), Yuji Mita (Zeo) 
Portrayed By Austin St. John, Michael J. O'Laskey II (As A Child) 
Rocky DeSantos is the second Red Ranger in Season 2, Season 3 and Zeo Ranger III Blue in Power Rangers Zeo. He also made an appearance in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie and Power Rangers Turbo. He is played by Steve Cardenas.







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