Robo Knight
Robo Knight
Appears in Power Rangers Megaforce. Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Gender Male Programming 
Color Silver 
Debut Mega Mission 
Last Seen Legendary Battle 
Sentai Counterpart Gosei Knight 
Portrayed By Chris Auer (Voiceover Only) 
Robo Knight is the Sixth Megaforce Ranger created by Gosei to defend the planet; awakened during the Warstar invasion. He is voiced by Chris Auer.


Despite being a machine, Robo Knight has quite a bit of heart. With a powerful curiosity and an endless amount of patience, Robo Knight constantly seeks out new information pertaining to the Human heart as well as the morals and compassion that power it. On his own, Robo Knight is quiet, cold and monotonously articulate; though his encounters with others have somewhat softened this demeanor.


Power Card SystemEdit

The Megaforce Rangers were granted the ability to Morph using specialized Morphers invented by Gosei and Tensou. Theese Morphers rely on Power Cards, which allow the Megaforce Rangers to access a wide range of abilities and functions, from using elemental powers to summonzing Zords and weapons. While each Megaforce Ranger possesses auxilliary cards for overall functions, all of the Rangers' ability cards are tied directly to the element they are associated with.

Robo Knight is a unique case. As a direct invention of Gosei powered by the planet itself, Robo Knight has access to every element of the Earth and isn't restricted to just one elemental branch. His Power Card deck is varied; being designed around combination attacks.





  • Robo Knight was the star of a promotional video called "Power Wash;" in which he takes the Rangers' suits to a dry cleaners to get them washed by a cleaner very fearful of the robotic protector. David Bacon, the actor who portrayed Aurico, plays the cleaner.

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