RangerCrew is another popular Power Rangers message board/blog.


RangerCrew was created by Fury Diamond in 2007 after Power Morphicon 1 to promote the cast members of PR. RangerCrew stems from Mystic Points, a Power Rangers portal promoting each season through individual sites (OperationOverdrive.NET, JungleFury.NET, RPM Cast, Samurai Cast, Megaforce Cast, etc). Mystic Points was eventually replaced by RangerCrew Media in 2011. Fury Diamond retired in November 2014. O.92 replaced Fury Diamond as the new owner of RangerCrew. Currently RangerCrew (forum) has over 3,000 members and 436,000 posts with successful YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts.


  • RangerCrew has had multiple names including RangerCast and Star Points RangerCast.
  • Mystic Points, OperationOverdrive.NET, JungleFury.NET, RPM Cast, Samurai Cast, and Megaforce Cast sites currently re-direct to RangerCrew Media.
  • RangerCrew's main YouTube channel (prsamuraicast) is currently verified (250,000+ subscribers, 600 million video views).
  • RangerCrew's main Youtube channel (prsamuraicast) hosts the most viewed Power Rangers clip on Youtube with 50 million video views Power Rangers Samurai Morph 2.
  • The forum hosted live chats with several Power Rangers cast and crew members (Anna Hutchison, Jason Smith, Rhoda Montemayor, Jessica Rey, Blake Foster, Eddie Guzelian, and Rhett Fisher).

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