RangerBoard is one of the biggest Power Rangers fan sites/forums on the Internet. Decade is the current owner of the site, succeeding former owner Ray-Z in February 2010.


In 1996, Ray-Z created a site featureing guides and bios for Power Rangers Zeo. He later created multiple other sites for the succeeding seasons until 1998 when he created Power Rangers Central, which merged his Zeo-In Space sites and included MMPR. A message board was later added that ran on Coolboards until the community outgrew the site, leading to them creating the PRC EZ-Board that lasted until Ray decided to move PRC to vBulletin to provide greater flexibility. The board grew until it overshadowed PRC, leading to the site being abandoned meaning the PRC forums where turned into RangerBoard. Currently RangerBoard has over 46,000 registered users and 3,000,000 posts.


  • Many Power Rangers crew and cast members have joined RangerBoard, some examples include Doug Sloan (Dino Dude/nsbigcheese), Ron Wasserman (ronwasserman), Jackie Marchand (writeranger), Brian Ward (BWard), Jessica Rey (JessicaRey), David Fielding (BigBlueHead), Matt Austin (Acting Like Bacon/WantSomeToast/buttery), Paul Schrier (Paulie-Schrier), etc.
  • RangerBoard offers a VIP Membership that allows you access to a VIP forum, the ability to change your name, access to Power Tunes, thread tagging, post threads in the advertisement thread, etc for a range of different prices ($5 for two years, $15 for ten years, $50 for a hundred years, $250 for nine thousand years, etc).

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