Power Rangers Wild Force
Wild Force Logo
Original run February 9, 2002 – November 16, 2002 
Original broadcaster Fox Kids (February - September)

ABC Kids (September - November) 

Production Company MMPR Productions, Inc. 
Executive Producer none 
Producer Jonathan Tzachor 
Sentai Counterpart Hyakujyuu Sentai Gaoranger 
Previous Season Power Rangers Time Force 
Next Season Power Rangers Ninja Storm 


Cole Evans is a stranger in the little town of Turtle Cove, and doesn’t feel like he belongs. He discovers the legendary ancient land of Animaria and is thrust into a new adventure, as the leader of the Wild Force Power Rangers. Cole loves animals, but when he encounters the evil Orgs and their leader Master Org, the Power Rangers embark on a battle to protect the world. Meanwhile, Cole discovers his past: the destinies of his parents and Master Org were entwined. w

The new Wild Force Power Rangers each discover special animal powers as they retrieve the lost Wild Zords. However, even these powers are put to the test when an Org general opens the tomb of Zen-Aku, an ancient enemy determined to defeat the Wild Force Rangers. The Rangers learn that Zen-Aku was once an Ancient Warrior – one of the forebears of the Power Rangers – under a curse. They restore him to himself and henceforth he helps the Rangers. In a climactic battle, the Rangers must stop Master Org from using a kidnapped princess in a ritual to create an Org heart. Mission accomplished, the Rangers return to normal life.


Cole Evans - Red Lion Ranger played by Ricardo Medina, Jr.

Raised in the jungle, this Tarzan-type is an animal lover.

Talor Earheardt - Yellow Eagle Ranger played by - Alyson Kiperman

Recruited from the US Air Force. Second in command.

Max Cooper - Blue Shark Ranger played by - Phillip Jeanmarie

Youngest member of the team. Enjoys ten-pin bowling.

Danny Delgado - Black Bison Ranger played by - Jack Guzman

Gentle giant.

Alyssa Enrile - White Tiger Ranger played by - Jessica Rey

College student who apparently doesn't believe in never working with children and animals.

Merrick Baliton - Lunar Wolf Ranger played by - Phillip Andrew

Princess Shayla's protector, he was cursed by the mask of Zen-Aku. Loner.



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  • Master Org's costume isn't from Gaoranger, but instead originates from Dairanger.
  • The final episode of Time Force had a promo for Wild Force with a completely different theme tune. The music was replaced as a consequence of Disney taking on the franchise, as Saban had the rights to the original tune.
  • This season started it's run on Fox Kids, but moved to ABC Kids and ABC Family mid-season when the Fox Kids block ended. This was due to contractual obligations.