Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Super Megaforce
Original run February 15, 2014 – November 22, 2014 
Original broadcaster Nickelodeon 
Production Company SCG Power Rangers 
Executive Producer Jonathan Tzachor

Haim Saban 

Producer Sally Campbell

Brian Casentini 

Sentai Counterpart Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Tensou Sentai Goseiger 

Previous Season Power Rangers Megaforce 
Next Season Power Rangers Dino Charge 

Power Rangers Super Megaforce is an on-going continuation of the 20th season of Power Rangers, leaving off from Power Rangers Megaforce. This series uses elements from both Tensou Sentai Goseiger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. The themes of this season include teamwork, sea-faring vehicles, pirate aesthetic, perseverance, and nostalgia; as per the series' 20th anniversary.


After defeating the last of the Robots serving under Vrak, an enemy known only as The Messenger boasts that their masters will soon arrive to decimate the planet. This heralds the invasion of The Armada led by Prince Vekar. To defeat this new threat, Gosei grants the Rangers new Morphers, new Zords, and special Keys that allow them to assume Super Mega Mode. As the Super Megaforce, the Rangers can take on the forms and powers of every Power Rangers team that has preceded them. The Armada better look out!


To Be Added



The main Super Megaforce Rangers.


Troy Burrows - Red Super Megaforce Ranger - played by Andrew Gray

The responsible, if rather quiet, leader of the Super Mega Rangers. Is intent on searching for the missing Robo Knight.

Noah Carver - Blue Super Megaforce Ranger - played by John Mark Loudermilk

A resourceful tech-guy that can think his way out of anything. Has information on the Legendary Rangers at his fingertips.

Gia Moran - Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger - played by Ciara Hanna

The popular girl on campus with both brains and brawn. Best friend of the Pink Ranger.

Jake Holling - Green Super Megaforce Ranger - played by Azim Rizk

The sociable jokester of the team. Ever the optimist.

Emma Goodall - Pink Super Megaforce Ranger - played by Christina Masterson

A kind-hearted girl with a healthy love for nature and photography. Best friends with the Yellow Ranger.

Orion - Silver Megaforce Ranger - played by Cameron Jebo

An alien citizen of the planet Andresia whose home-world was wiped out by the Armada. Has come to Earth seeking revenge.


Legendary Rangers (In order of appearance)Edit

Jayden Shiba - Red Samurai Ranger - played by Alex Heartman

Casey Rhodes - Red Jungle Fury Ranger - played by Jason Smith







  1. Super Megaforce
  2. Earth Fights Back
  3. Blue Saber Saga
  4. A Lion's Alliance
  5. Samurai Surprise
  6. Spirit of the Tiger
  7. Silver Lining, Part One
  8. Silver Lining, Part Two
  9. Power of Six
  10. The Perfect Storm
  11. Love is in the Air
  12. United As One
  13. The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer
  14. In the Driver's Seat
  15. All Hail Prince Vekar
  16. Vrak Is Back, Part One
  17. Vrak is Back, Part Two
  18. Emperor Mavro
  19. The Wrath
  20. Legendary Battle

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