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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Operation Overdrive
Season 15

US Premiere

February 26, 2007

Original US Broadcaster

ABC Kids
Toon Disney

UK Premiere

No information

Original UK Broadcaster

No information

Production Company

BVS Entertainment

Executive Producer

Bruce Kalish
Koichi Sakamoto


Janine Dickins
Charles Knight

Sentai counterpart

GoGo Sentai Boukenger

Previous Season

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Next Season

Power Rangers Jungle Fury


Over a millenia ago, two brothers named Flurious and Moltor tried to steal the Corona Aurora, the Crown of Gods, but the Sentinel Knight, the guardian of the crown, used his powers curse them into monsters and banished the two to distance planets. Using the last of his powers, the Sentinel Knight scattered the jewels to earth and hid the crown. In modern times, billionaire archeologist Andrew Hartford unearths the crown but unfortunely awakens Flurious and Moltor. In order to stop the brothers, the spirit of the Sentinel Knights tells Andrew to recruit four young adults to become Power Rangers. Just as Andrew himself is about to become a Ranger, he is kidnapped by Moltor and his son, Mack, takes the Red Tracker and becomes the Red Ranger. After relunctedly letting his son become the Red Ranger, the five youths: Mack, Will, Dax, Ronny, and Rose become the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive in a race against time to stop Flurious, Moltor and other forces from finding the jewels, which are scattered all over the world, using the crown's power to take over the universe.


The Overdrive Rangers
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Mack Hartford - Red Ranger played by - James Maclurcan

Adventurer's son who never knew his mother. Has super strength.

Will Aston - Black Ranger played by - Samuell Benta

A professional thief-for-hire. Has super hearing and sight.

Dax Lo - Blue Ranger played by - Gareth Yuen

Movie stuntman. Has super agility.

Veronica "Ronny" Robinson - Yellow Ranger played by - Caitlin Murphy

Race car driver. Has super speed.

Rose Ortiz - Pink Ranger played by - Rhoda Montemayor

Hyper-intelligent. Has invisibility as her genetic power.

Tyzonn - Mercury Ranger played by - Dwayne Cameron

Alien from the planet Mercuria. Can become a mercury-like liquid.


Retro RangersEdit

Adam Park, Black Mighty Morphin Ranger played by Johnny Yong Bosch

Tori Hanson, Blue Wind Ranger played by Sally Martin

Kira Ford, Yellow Dino Ranger played by Emma Lahana

Bridge Carson, Red SPD Ranger played by Matt Austin

Xander Bly, Green Mystic Ranger played by Richard Brancatisano











Weapons and GearEdit


The early working titles for this season was Power Rangers Drive Force and Relic Hunters

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