Phantom Ranger
Phantom Ranger
Appears in Power Rangers Turbo, In Space, (Cameo), 
Gender Male 
Color Black 
Debut The Phantom Phenomenon 
Last Seen Countdown to Destruction, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart VRV Master 
Portrayed By Ali Afshar 

The Phantom Ranger is a mysterious warrior from the plate Eltar that later becomes an ally to the Turbo Power Rangers as well as the Blue Senturion. He is portrayed by Ali Afshar.


Due to having an incomplete backstory as well as a lack of screen-time, gauging the Phantom Ranger's full personality is impossible. However, he seems to possess moderate knowledge of battle tactics; and his hesitancy to speak unless necessary indicates a "lone wolf" type.



The Phantom Ranger has the ability to become somewhat invisible; which allows him to blend into his surroundings. However, his reflection can still be seen in a mirrored object.

The Phantom Ranger is also able to exist outside of "temporal control."





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