Nova Ranger
Appears in Power Rangers SPD 
Gender Female 
Color Silver 
Debut Endings, Part Two 
Last Seen Endings, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Lisa Teagle 
Portrayed By Antonia Prebble 

The Nova Ranger is a mysterious SPD Ranger from Sam's native time-period of 2040. She is portrayed by Antonia Prebble.


Due to a lack of screen-time, a full personality analysis is impossible. Though her and Sam have shown a degree of closeness; implying a good work relationship.


Genetic TraitsEdit

Due to a lack of screen-time, the extent of Nova's abilities is unknown.


  • N/A




  • Just before the Nova and Omega Rangers returned to their time-period; the two called each other "Omega" and "Nova." Whether these are surnames or designations based solely on their Ranger titles is unknown.
  • The Nova Ranger holds the position of being one of only two female Silver Rangers in Power Rangers, the other being Gemma.

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