Nobuo Akagi
Appears in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger, Akibaranger Episode 14, Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season Tsuu 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Ep. 1: Lameness is Power 
Last Seen Ep.13: Delusional Collection 
Power Rangers Counterpart N/A 
Portrayed By Masato Wada 

Nobuo Akagi is Akiba Red and team leader. He is portrayed by Masato Wada.



Grand DelusionEdit

The Akibarangers all possesses very deluded and fantasy-filled minds. Using their Z-Cunes, the Akibarangers can enter the Delusion World, a pocket dimension where their innermost fantasies/habits directly influence the environment and enemies they face. Within this realm, they can do practically anything; ranging from impossible physical feats to summoning objects from nowhere.

Nobuo is said to have the strongest delusional ability of the Akibarangers.

Ludicrous PowerEdit

A by-product of their Delusion Power, the Akibarangers have the power to turn delusional versions of Sentai warriors into weaponry to use in battle. Powers like these are gained when an Akibaranger has a personal epiphany or has an encounter with an Imaginary Legend.

Nobuo uses nearly all the Ludicrous Weapons personally; presumably due to his delusional strength.





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