Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger
Season 26


February 17, 2002

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Power Rangers counterpart

Power Rangers Ninja Storm

Previous Season

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Next Season

Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger

The PlotEdit

In the Hayate Way's Ninja Academy, three pupils are not exactly fitting in. But because their sensei believes they have potential he regularly spends the morning personally and rigorously training them. While the other students are having their graduation ceremony a group of evil space ninjas known as the Jakanja infiltrate the school killing most of the students. The school's sensei, Mugensai, turns himself into a hamster to evade his pursuers. The trio is then taken to a secret base to become the legendary Hurricanegers to fight Jakanja. Later in the series they have to fight with the two ninja brothers of the Ikazuchi Way's Ninja Academy due to their respective schools' rivalries. With the aid of the mysterious Shurikenger, the two ninja groups set their rivalry aside and join forces to stop Jakanja.

The HurricanegersEdit

Yousuke Shiina - HurricaneRed

Nanami Nono - HurricaneBlue

Kouta Bitou - HurricaneYellow

Ikkou Kasumi - KabutoRaiger

Isshuu Kasumi - KuwagaRaiger

Sky Ninja Shurikenger


Mugensai Hinata

Oboro Hinata Princess Laiina

Yuusaku Ramon Kagura/Lady Gozen

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger


Space Ninja Group Jakanja


Shinobi Medals

Hurricane Gyro

Portable Ninja Sword Hayatemaru

Dry Gun

Sonic Megaphone

Quake Hammer

Triple Connection Triple Gadget

Hurricane Wingers

Gourai Changer

Assumable Staff Ikazuchimaru

Horn Breaker

Stag Breaker

Double Connection Double Gadget

Bari Thunders

Quintuple Connection Victory Gadget

Shuriken Ball

Shuriken Zubat




Karakuri Giant Senpuujin

Karakuri Giant Gouraijin

Karakuri Giant Tenkuujin

Karakuri Giant Gourai Senpuujin

Karakuri Giant Tenrai Senpuujin

Super Karakuri Beast Revolver Mammoth

Karakuri Balls


  1. Wind and Ninja
  2. Giant and Karakuri
  3. 60 Seconds and An Impostor
  4. Tunnel and Siblings
  5. The Chief and the Bath
  6. Scissors and Kunoichi
  7. Thunder and Ninja
  8. Wind and Thunder
  9. Thunder Brothers and the Hourglass
  10. The Thunder God and the Destroyed Valley
  11. Dream Feast and Starting Anew
  12. Steel Frame and Father & Daughter
  13. Moustache and Engagement Ring
  14. Crybaby and Candy
  15. Giant Waterbug and Contest
  16. Mist and Prediction Device
  17. Darkness and the Island of Death-Bouts
  18. Father and Brotherly Bonds
  19. The Big Box and the Wind-Thunder Giant
  20. Punch and Rival
  21. Masks and Riddles
  22. Wings and Ninja
  23. Cologne and the Great Detective
  24. Taiko and Lightning
  25. Phantoms and a Schoolgirl
  26. Bow & Arrow and Sea Bathin
  27. Kushiyaki and Zero Gravity
  28. Hurrier and Counterattack
  29. Lingering Summer Heat and Stamp
  30. Idol and Friendship
  31. Meteors and Three Wolves
  32. The Grim Reaper and the Final Secret
  33. Mammoth and Six Ninja
  34. Mushrooms and 100 Points
  35. Sparkle and Shamisen
  36. Ring and Revenge
  37. The Third Lance and the Great Escape
  38. Demon Sword and Ballons
  39. The Seventh Lance and the Mysterious Stone
  40. Decoy and Ninja Law
  41. Medal and Comedian
  42. Armor and the Raging Arrow
  43. Super Fusion and Big Clash
  44. Your Majesty and the Misfortune Fan Beast
  45. Refuge and Spring Cleaning
  46. New Year's Meal and Three Giants
  47. Seal and Space Unification
  48. Trap and Eternal Life
  49. Mission and the Heavenly Ninja
  50. Darkness and a New World
  51. Wind, Water, and Earth


Official websiteEdit

Official Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger website on (Japanese)

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