Nick Russell
Appears in Power Rangers Mystic Force 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Broken Spell, Part One 
Last Seen Mystic Fate, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Kai Ozu 
Portrayed By Firass Dirani 

Nick Russell is the Red Mystic Force Ranger. He is portrayed by Firass Dirani.


Nick is a man of few words whose silent habits are only outdone by his impatient, impulsive side. Despite the tough front he flaunts, Nick is an internally pessimistic individual that finds his confidence fluctuative. Due to his sullen side, he has a tendency to go out of his way to solve his own problems and keep his nose clean. He is generally well-meaning though; and looks out for those close to him.


Magic SpellsEdit

The Mystic Force Rangers have the unique ability to cast various Magic Spells based on the element they are associated with using their Magi Staffs and the Spell Codes dialed by the Mystic Morpher. The Red Ranger has the ability to conjure and control the element of Fire.


Due to the nature of the Magic he uses, the Red Ranger becomes his own Zord. Meaning that the Zord itself is reliant on his personal health and Magic ability.



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