Morphing Calls are the activation codes to morph in the Power Ranger's franchise. Most rangers have a morphing call, with the Sixth and Extra Rangers normally having a different one then the main team. These calls are used in conjunction with a Morpher to transform a ranger into their base form, different morphing calls are used at times to access other modes.

Mighty Morphin Power RangersEdit

  • "It's Morphin Time! Water Dragon!- Mastodon!- Pterodactyl!- Triceratops!- Sabertooth-Tiger!- Tyrannosaurus!"
  • "It's Morphin' Time! White Tiger!- Mastodon!- Pterodactyl!- Triceratops!- Sabertooth-Tiger!- Tyrannosaurus!"
  • Animal Ninjetti! White Falcon!- Black Frog!- Pink Crane!- Blue Wolf!- Yellow Bear!- Red Ape!
  • Ninja Ranger Power, Now!

Mighty Morphin Alien RangersEdit

  • "It's Morphin Time! Aquitar Ranger Power! "

Power Rangers ZeoEdit

  • "It's Morphin Time! Zeo Ranger I, Pink!- Zeo Ranger II, Yellow!- Zeo Ranger III, Blue!- Zeo Ranger I\I, Green!- Zeo Ranger \/, Red!- Zeo Ranger I/I, Gold! "

Power Rangers TurboEdit

  • "Shift into Turbo!"

Power Rangers in SpaceEdit

  • "Let's Rocket!"
  • "Battlizer Gauntlet! Red Battlized Ranger!"

Power Rangers Lost GalaxyEdit

  • "Go Galactic!" - Main Five
  • "Lights of Orion, activate!" - Main Five Calling For Lights Of Orion
  • "Magna Power!" - Mike/Magna Defender
  • "Galactic Key! Red...Armored...Power...Ranger!"

Power Rangers Lightspeed RescueEdit

  • "Ready! Lightspeed Rescue!" - Main Five
  • "Titanium Power!" - Ryan/Titanium Ranger
  • "Trans-Armor Cycle, Armor Mode!"
  • "8-6-1 Battle Booster, Mega Battle!"

Power Rangers Time ForceEdit

  • "Ready! Time for Time Force!" - Main Five
  • "Quantum Power!" - Eric/Quantum Ranger
  • "Battle 🔥, Online! Red Battle Warrior!"

Power Rangers Wild ForceEdit

  • "Ready! Wild Access! Ha!"
  • "Animarian Armor! Red Savage Warrior, Power Up!"

Power Rangers Ninja StormEdit

  • "Ninja Storm, Ranger Form! Ha!" - Main Three
  • "Thunder Storm, Ranger Form! Ha!" - Thunder Rangers
  • "Samurai Storm, Ranger Form! Ha!" - Cam/Green Samurai Ranger
  • "Tri-Battlizer! Ground Mode, Engage!”
  • “Battlizer Flight Mode!”

Power Rangers Dino ThunderEdit

  • "Ready! Dino Thunder, Power Up! Ha!" - Main Four
  • "White Ranger, Dino Power!" - Trent/White Dino Ranger
  • "Super Dino Mode!"
  • "Shield of Triumph! Triassic Powers, Engage!”
  • "Triassic Ranger, Battlized Mode!”

Power Rangers S.P.D.Edit

  • "Ready! SPD Emergency!"
  • "S.P.D. SWAT Mode!"
  • "S.P.D. Battlier! Cyber Mode, Activate!”
  • ”Battlizer Sonic Mode!”

Power Rangers Mystic ForceEdit

  • "Magical Source, Mystic Force!"
  • "Legendary Source, Mystic Force!"
  • "Fireheart, Red 🐉 🔥 Ranger!"

Power Rangers Operation OverdriveEdit

  • "Ready! Overdrive Accelerate!"
  • "Sentinel Sword! Red Sentinel Ranger, Activate!"

Power Rangers Jungle FuryEdit

  • "Ready! Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!"
  • "Jungle Master Mode!"

Power Rangers RPMEdit

  • "Engine Cell, Activate! Ready! RPM, Get in Gear!"

Power Rangers SamuraiEdit

  • "Samuraizer! Go Go Samurai!" - Main Five
  • "Samurai Morpher, Gold Power!" - Antonio/Gold Samurai Ranger
  • "Super Samurai Mode!"
  • "Shark Attack Mode!"
  • "Shogun Mode! Power of the Ancestors!"

Power Rangers MegaforceEdit

  • "It's Morphin Time, Go Go Megaforce!" - Main Five
  • "Change Card, Activate! RoboKnight!" - Robo Knight
  • ”Ultra Mode, Activate!”

Power Rangers Super MegaforceEdit

  • ”Super Mega Mode!"
  • "It's Morphin' Time! Legendary Ranger Mode, Mighty Morphin!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Zeo!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Turbo! Shift into Turbo!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode in Space! Let's 🚀!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Lost Galaxy! Go Galactic!- Magna Power!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Lightspeed Rescue!- Titanium Power!"
  • "Time for Legendary Ranger Mode, Time Force!- Quantum Power!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Wild Force! Wild Access!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Ninja Storm! Ranger Form!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Dino Thunder! Power Up!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, S.P.D! Emergency!"
  • "Magical Source! Legendary Ranger Mode, Mystic Force!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Operation Overdrive! Accelerate!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Jungle Fury! Jungle Beast, Spirit Unleashed!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, RPM! Get in Gear!"
  • "Legendary Ranger Mode, Samurai! Go, Go Samurai!"
  • Legendary ranger mode, Dino charge unleash the power!"
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge
  • "It's Morphin' Time! Dino Charger Ready! Energize! Ha!! Unleash The Power!"
  • Dino Steel, Armor On!”
  • “Dino Drive, Activate!“ Battle Mode, Engage!”
  • Dino Charger, Ready! Dino SuperDrive, Activate!”

Power Rangers Ninja SteelEdit

  • "It's Morphin Time! Power ⭐️ , 🔐 in! Ready! Ninja Spin!"
  • "Ninja Master Mode!"
  • "Armor ⭐️, 🔐 In! 🦁 🔥, Ninja Spin!"