Mirai Sentai Timeranger
Season 24


February 13, 2000

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Power Rangers counterpart

Power Rangers Time Force

Previous Season

Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo-V

Next Season

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger

The PlotEdit

In the 30th century, time travel becomes illegal after a time paradox crisis. The Time Protection Department is established to watch for and stop time crimes. Four new enlistee cadets of the TPD are tricked by Don Dolnero and his gang into letting them time-travel to the year 2000 to commit various crimes. To protect history, the four cadets pursue them. There they encounter a severe problem: the Timeranger program requires five members for the first operation. They thus force a present-day martial artist, Tatsuya Asami, to join them, allowing them to become the Timerangers. Afterwards Tatsuya rents a building for them to live in and they start a small odd jobs business called Tomorrow Research to financially support themselves. Over time, the four cadets begin to realize that their presence would inevitably change the future in the form of the City Guardians, a security force under the employment of the Asami Corporation to protect the city from the Londers. The City Guardians gain a tenuous relationship with the Timerangers, especially when Tatsuya's childhood friend Naoto becomes Time Fire and later the City Guardian's Captain. In the series finale, the Timerangers go back to their regular lives. A year later Tatsuya is jogging when he sees five people who resemble the other Timerangers (including Naoto), but realizes it isn't them.

The TimerangersEdit

Tatsuya Asami - TimeRed

Yuuri - TimePink

Ayase - TimeBlue

Domon - TimeYellow

Sion - TimeGreen

Naoto Takizawa - TimeFire


Captain Ryuya

Navigation Robot Tac

Wataru Asami

Honami Moriyama

Time Roboter

Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGo-V


The Londers Family


Chrono Changer

Chrono Suits

Time Flyer

Time Emblem

Double Vector






Voltech Bazooka

Assault Mobile

Assault Vector

V Commander



Time Jet 3D Mecha System

Time Shadow



  1. The Time Fugitives
  2. The Unseen Future
  3. Acceleration of Dreams
  4. The Hostage is an Alien
  5. The Third Combination
  6. The Fabricated Invitee
  7. Domon Hospitalized
  8. An Artistic Explosion
  9. The Don's Depression
  10. The Escape to Tomorrow
  11. Death-Fight Town
  12. Wish Upon a Star
  13. Battle Casino
  14. Dead Heat
  15. Sniper Searching
  16. A Soba Dream
  17. The Twisted Holy Fist
  18. A Shadowy Premonition
  19. The Moonlight Knight
  20. The Renewed Bond
  21. Sion's Style
  22. Pink Temptation
  23. Beat Up
  24. Yellow, Sometimes Blue
  25. Broken Trust
  26. The Countdown of Trust
  27. The Small Hometown
  28. A Time of Reunion
  29. The Fiery New Warrior
  30. Report Cries of Fire
  31. The Straying Game
  32. Save the Criminal
  33. Little Lady
  34. As-sass-in
  35. Tomorrow Isn't Coming
  36. Honest, as It Is
  37. Targeted Power
  38. Good Night
  39. A Lie Soaked in Rain
  40. Ayase Retires!?
  41. Expose the Prophet
  42. The Fallen Angel of Destruction
  43. The History Revision Order
  44. The Revolt Against Time
  45. The End! TR (Tomorrow Research)
  46. The Future is no More
  47. The Don's End
  48. The Return to the Future
  49. Beyond the Millennium
  50. To an Infinite Tomorrow


Official websiteEdit

Official Mirai Sentai Timeranger website at (Japanese)

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