The 2010 reversioning of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a re-broadcasting of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers's first season with a new opening sequence, updated graphics, and a revised logo. It premiered on January 2, 2010 and ended on August 28, 2010.


After the ending of Power Rangers RPM, it was decided that an adaptation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger would be ditched in favor of a re-broadcast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this was due to Disney no longer wanting to be associated with the franchise. Buena Vista Television brought on a small staff to re-edit the episodes with new graphics with the series making it's debut on January 2, 2010 to negative reviews. The series was never renewed for any more episodes (due to Saban Brands buying the franchise) and aired it's finale on August 28, 2010 (the seventeenth anniversary of the franchise).


  1. Day of the Dumpster
  2. High Five
  3. Teamwork
  4. A Pressing Engagement
  5. Different Drum
  6. Food Fight
  7. Big Sisters
  8. Switching Places
  9. I, Eye Guy
  10. Foul Play in the Sky
  11. For Whom the Bell Trolls
  12. Happy Birthday, Zack
  13. No Clowning Around
  14. Green with Evil Part 1: Out of Control
  15. Green with Evil Part 2: Jason's Battle
  16. Green with Evil Part 3: The Rescue
  17. Green with Evil Part 4: Eclipsing Megazord
  18. Green with Evil Part 5: Breaking the Spell
  19. The Trouble with Shellshock
  20. Itsy Bitsy Spider
  21. Power Ranger Punks
  22. The Spit Flower
  23. Life's a Masquerade
  24. Gung Ho!
  25. Island of Illusion, Part 1
  26. Island of Illusion, Part 2
  27. Wheel of Misfortune
  28. Peace, Love, and Woe
  29. Dark Warrior
  30. The Rockstar
  31. Calamity Kimberly
  32. A Star is Born


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