Magna Defender
Appears in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy 
Gender Male 
Color Black 
Debut The Magna Defender 
Last Seen Escape the Lost Galaxy 
Sentai Counterpart Black Knight BullBlack 
Portrayed By Kerrigan Mahan 

The Magna Defender is an ally to the Lost Galaxy team; anxious to avenge the death of his son. He is portrayed by Kerrigan Mahan.


Quasar SabersEdit

The Galaxy Rangers are the chosen ones of a 3000-year old prophecy heralding the coming of five warriors sworn to uphold cosmic justice. The Quasar Sabers grant the Galaxy Rangers the ability to Morph, as well as minor control over specific elements tied to their associated Galactabeast.

The Magna Defender has nothing to do with the prophecy, instead settling for a personal arsenal of unknown origin. However, the timing of his battles with Scorpius implies that he was a participant of the conflict 3000 years prior to the season, and may have acted as the guardian of the Lights of Orion.

The Defender is bonded to the ToroZord, a sentient Zord that will only fight for an honorable warrior.





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