Mack Hartford
Appears in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 
Gender Male Programming, Male (VIA Corona Aurora) 
Color Red 
Debut Kick Into Overdrive, Part One 
Last Seen Crown and Punishment 
Sentai Counterpart Satoru Akashi 
Portrayed By James MacLurcan 

Mack Hartford (also referred to as Mack) is the Red Operation Overdrive Ranger. He is portrayed by James MacLurcan.


Mack is your stock hero fare. Kind, compassionate, and an avid thrill-seeker. He yearns to prove himself to others; taking his position as a Power Ranger seriously. Outside of the field, Mack is of the outgoing, casual sort.

Upon the discovery of his true origins, Mack enters into a depressive, angry state during which time he dons various personas and outfits in an effort to gain an independent identity. This doesn't last very long.


Civilian Power

The Overdrive Suits allow each Ranger to utilize one unique super-power. Mack's Suit grants him super strength.

Upon the discovery of his status as an android, Mack's brain is shown to be an accessible storage of data. Due to his transformation into a Human by the Corona Aurora, it can be presumed that this is no longer the case.





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