Lucas Kendall
Lucas 2
Appears in Time Force, Wild Force (Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Blue 
Debut Force From the Future, Part One 
Last Seen Reinforcements From the Future, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Ayase 
Portrayed By Michael Copon 

Lucas Kendall is the Blue Time Force Ranger. He is portrayed by Michael Copon.


Lucas has two major things in his life: Racing and women. Lucas acts as the "cool guy" of the Time Force; full of himself and always up for a suave, snarky comment. He can be full of himself at times, and is very rarely seen without a mirror to stare at himself with. He's also somewhat of a thrill-seeker, though he knows when to get serious. Lucas is just as kind as the rest of the team and serves as a role model for Trip, who looks up to him.






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