Love Is In the Air
Episode 21-11 
Season Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Original Premiere September 13th, 2014 
Directed by James Barr 
Written by Jon Donnellan 
Preceded by The Perfect Storm 
Followed by United As One 

Love is in the Air is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. It focuses on the villainess Levira.



Major EventsEdit

  • Invidious develops a crush on Levira, and concocts a potion to make her fall in love with the first person she sees; spiking her drink with it.
  • While Levira is monitoring Jake, the potion takes effect, causing Levira to order Jake's capture so they may be together.
  • Invidious grows jealous and tries to destroy Jake to win Levira's affections, putting him in conflict with not just the Super Megaforce but Levira herself, who has taken to protecting Jake due to the potion.
  • After having a crisis of confidence, Invidious makes a second attempt to destroy the Rangers, which again backfires after a Turbo Legendary Mode change. The battle is taken to the next level when an irritated Prince Vekar uses the Maximizer to enlarge him.
  • Jake manages to help Invidious make an actual advance on Levira, which works since the potion has worn off; but Levira wants Invidious to prove his love by destroying the Rangers.
  • Invidious is defeated, but survives. Levira has lost all interest in him.


The ArmadaEdit

Legendary Ranger ModesEdit


  • Despite Cameron Jebo being credited as Orion in this episode, Orion himself is not addressed nor does he appear in the episode. This is due to the fact that the adapted episode takes place prior to the introduction of Gokai Silver.
  • Jake uses a Black Ranger Key to Morph into the Green Turbo Ranger.
  • Prior to Morphing, Jake is donning his soccer outfit. When he powers down later, he magically has on his usual outfit.

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