Leo Corbett
Appears in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue (Cameo), Wild Force (Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Quasar Quest, Part One 
Last Seen Forever Red 
Sentai Counterpart Ryouma 
Portrayed By Danny Slavin 

Leo Corbett is the Red Lost Galaxy Ranger. He is portrayed by Danny Slavin.


Quasar SabersEdit

The Galaxy Rangers are the chosen ones of a 3000-year old prophecy heralding the coming of five warriors sworn to uphold cosmic justice. The Quasar Sabers grant the Galaxy Rangers the ability to Morph, as well as minor control over specific elements tied to their associated Galactabeast.

Leo was chosen by the Red Quasar Saber after receiving it from his brother Mike. The Saber grants him minor control over fire. He is bonded to the Lion Galactabeast.





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