Appears in Power Rangers Mystic Force 
Gender Male 
Color Red (As Wolf Warrior), Purple (As Koragg) 
Debut Broken Spell, Part One 
Last Seen Mystic Fate, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Heavenly Saint Biagel 
Portrayed By Chris Graham 

Leanbow is the Mystic Force Wolf Warrior and was formerly the villain known as Koragg. He is portrayed by Chris Graham.


Due to his lack of screen-time, a full personality analysis is impossible; though like Daggeron, he values honor and chivalry and possesses a good heart.

This extends to the villainous Koragg. While Koragg has nothing but undying loyalty to The Master, he still follows a code of honor; refusing to attack weakened or unarmed enemies and despises manipulation and trickery; even going so far as to ally with his enemies to see "justice" done. Koragg also has a no-nonsense demeanor and an antipathy toward small-talk.


Magic SpellsEdit

The Mystic Force Rangers have the unique ability to cast various Magic Spells based on the element they are associated with using their Magi Staffs and the Spell Codes dialed by the Mystic Morpher. Being one of the Ancient Mystics, Leanbow forgoes the Spell Code system entirely in favor of his own personal reservoir of Magic. As the Wolf Warrior, Leanbow controls the element of Fire.

Koragg on the other hand is powered directly by The Master, with Leanbow's Magics warped to match and presumably strengthened. As Koragg, The Master fuels his dark magics; which gives Koragg an impressive array of abilities.

Like Daggeron, Leanbow has the ability to enter Ancient Mystic Mode.


Like Udonna, Koragg forgoes the Mystic Titans in favor of being his own; and can enlarge himself at will to deal with giant-sized enemies. Koragg has also tamed the wild magic horse Catastros; and can combine with it. Whether Leanbow can still control Catastros is unknown.



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