Appears in In Space (As Astronema) Lost Galaxy (As Karone) 
Gender Female 
Color Pink 
Debut From Out of Nowhere, Part One 
Last Seen Trakeena's Quest, Part Two 
Sentai Counterpart Shibolena (In Space), Saya (Lost Galaxy) 
Portrayed By Melody Perkins 

Karone is the second Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger; being the former villainess Astronema and the brother of the Red Space Ranger Andros. She is portrayed by Melody Perkins.



Quasar SabersEdit

The Galaxy Rangers are the chosen ones of a 3000-year old prophecy heralding the coming of five warriors sworn to uphold cosmic justice. The Quasar Sabers grant the Galaxy Rangers the ability to Morph using the Transmorphers, as well as minor control over specific elements tied to their associated Galactabeast.

Having inherited the pink Quasar Saber from Kendrix Morgan, Karone presumably has minor control over air and is bonded to the Wildcat Galactabeast.

Civilian PowerEdit

Karone, like her brother, possesses Telekinesis; which allows her to move objects with her mind.





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