Jarrod/Dai Shi
Appears in Power Rangers Jungle Fury 
Gender Male 
Color Black 
Debut Welcome to the Jungle, Part One 
Last Seen Now the Final Fury 
Sentai Counterpart Rio 
Portrayed By Bede Skinner, Geoff Dolan (As Dai Shi) 

Jarrod is the Black Jungle Fury Lion Warrior and for much of the show serves as the host of the villainous entity Dai Shi. He is portrayed by Bede Skinner. While Possessed by Dai Shi, he is voiced by Geoff Dolan.


Jarrod served as the "school bully" of the Pai Zhuq school; taunting others and showing an enjoyment of battle and conflict. Jarrod's back ground implies a much softer and gentle soul; however, what sparked the transition from compassionate child to brutish student is unknown.

While inhabiting Jarrod's body, Dai Shi shows the typical villain traits of savagery and wanting to control everything around him. However, he seems to have quite the soft spot for those that work under him; and is capable of great mercy and kindness when the mood strikes him. (This implied to be Jarrod's influence) Unlike most Power Rangers villains, Dai Shi does not consider himself the strongest being and instead actively seeks to attain that status through training and forbidden arts.


Animal SpiritsEdit

Members of the Pai Zhuq and Dai Shi Clans can house their inner essence in the form of "Animal Spirits." Through training, these students and Masters can perform supernatural feats in combat; ranging from summoning the Spirit to attack to controlling energies. Jarrod houses the Spirit of the Lion, which seems to be associated with the traits of strength and royalty.

Dai Shi, using Jarrod's body, also has access to his host's Animal Spirit and all of the power it entails as well as his own dark energies.





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