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April 6, 2012 (BS Asahi)

April 9, 2012 (Tokyo MX)

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BS Asahi and Tokyo MX

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Power Rangers counterpart


Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger is a spin-off of Super Sentai released in 2012. This season is considered "unofficial," and doesn't exist within the Super Sentai canon.


The story revolves around a trio of otaku who are recruited by a scientist named Hiroyo Hakase to battle a malevolent entity using coll gagetry. However, the team battles it's enemies within the "Delusion World," an alternate dimension that shapes itself according to the deluded fantasies of the user.

Age RangeEdit

Akibaranger is unlike other shows in that it isn't meant for kids. It acknowledges Super Sentai as a children's TV Show and also touches on older subjects, such as fanfiction and sexual encounters. As such, the show always begins and ends with the following catchphrase:

"Good kids, please don't watch!"

The AkibarangersEdit

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The three Akibarangers.

Nobuo Akagi - Akiba Red - Played by Masato Wada

The team's Sentai Red. An over-obsessive, delusional otaku with an obsessive streak and perverted tendencies. He has great knowledge of the Super Sentai, and loves the anime Z-Cune Aoi.

Yumeria Moegi - Akiba Yellow - Played by Karin Ogino

An otaku known for her ever-shifting cosplay who imitates the characters she dresses as. Much older than she looks, she has a happy-go-lucky expression.

Mitsuki Aoyagi - Akiba Blue - Played by Kyoko Hinami

The serious member of the trio. Isn't very deluded, but has actual combat experience to compensate. Despite her verbal cynicism, she holds a hidden fondness for Z-Cune Aoi.


  • Hiroyo Hakase
  • Kozkoz Mita
  • Sayaka Honiden
  • Aoi

Imaginary LegendsEdit


Evil Judicial Group Stema CorporationEdit



  • Machine Itassha



Official websiteEdit

Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger

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