GoGo Sentai Boukenger
Season 30


February 19, 2006

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Power Rangers counterpart

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

Previous Season

Mahou Sentai Magiranger

Next Season

Juken Sentai Gekiranger

GoGo Sentai Boukenger is the 30th season of Super Sentai. It's themes revolve around treasure-hunting and soul-searching; and is also the first season to introduce more than two simultaneous villain factions. In 2007, props and footage from Boukenger was adapted into Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

The PlotEdit

Powerful relics known as Precious have started to appear throughout the world. However, the various Negative Syndicates wish to take the Precious for themselves and utilize them for evil means. To make sure that the Precious do not fall into the hands of the Negative Syndicates, the Search Guard Successor Foundation has developed its own special operations team, the Boukengers, to do battle and collect some of the more dangerous Precious.

The BoukengersEdit


The Boukengers with weapons brandished.

Satoru Akashi - Bouken Red - Played by Mitsuomi Takahashi

Masumi Inou - Bouken Black - Played by Yasuka Saitou

Souta Mogami - Bouken Blue - Played by Masashi Mikami

Natsuki Mamiya - Bouken Yellow - Played by Chise Nakamura

Sakura Nishiori - Bouken Pink - Played by Haruka Suenaga

Eiji Takaoka - Bouken Silver - Played by Masayuki Deai


  • Makino
  • Mister Voice
  • Zubaan


Negative Syndicates


  • Accellular
  • Survi-Busters
  • Bouken Arms
  • Accel Tector
  • GoGo Changer
  • Sagasniper


  • DaiBouken
  • Super DaiBouken
  • Ultimate DaiBouken
  • SirenBuilder
  • DaiTanken
  • DaiVoyager
  • Voyager DaiBouken


  1. The Heart of the Demon
  2. The Dragon Tail
  3. The Champion Sword
  4. The Missing Vehicles
  5. The Imperial Pearl
  6. The Cursed Fog
  7. The Salamander Scale
  8. The Treasure of Atlantis
  9. The Paper Crane Ninja
  10. Missing Bouken Red
  11. The Showdown on the Island
  12. The Flute of Hamelin
  13. The Treasure of Princess Kaguya
  14. The Revived Past
  15. The Water Capital
  16. The Water Crystal
  17. The Ashu Mirror
  18. The Man that Lived
  19. The Dazzling Adventurer
  20. A Brand-New Giant
  21. The Mallet of Kozuchi
  22. The Ring of Solomon
  23. Dangerous Partner
  24. The Hatsune Drum
  25. The Raw Fruit
  26. The Glass Slipper
  27. The Feng-Shui Trap
  28. The Legendary Armor
  29. The Golden Sword
  30. The Raging of the Gold Majin
  31. The Flame of the Ruined Kingdom
  32. The Secret of the Adventurer School
  33. The Sun of Lemuria
  34. The Distant Memories
  35. The Head of the Gods
  36. The Oni's Kanabou
  37. Longing of the Showbiz World
  38. The Rainbow Clothes
  39. The Promethius Stone
  40. The Western Ashu
  41. The Mercury Vessel
  42. The Age of the Questers
  43. The Dangerous Christmas Present
  44. The Hermit Hot Spring
  45. The Most Evil Jakuryuu
  46. The Awakened Darkness
  47. The Box of Despair
  48. The Fearsome High Priest
  49. Endless Adventure Spirits


Official websiteEdit

Official GoGo Sentai Boukenger website at (Japanese)

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