Ferocious Knight D
Appears in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, Gaburincho of Music 
Gender Male 
Color Navy 
Debut Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music 
Last Seen Full Array! The Ten Great Kyoryu Powers 
Power Rangers Counterpart N/A 
Portrayed By Mamoru Miyano 

Ferocious Knight D is an enemy of the Kyoryugers and knight of the Deboth Army. He is portrayed by Mamoru Miyano.




Prior to the extinction of the dinosaurs, 24 specific prehistoric animals were given the power to become Zyudenryu so they could fight back against the alien invaders. The majority of the Guardians (the lesser Zyudenryu) were decimated, but their spirits were preserved in batteries powered by the energy source known as Brave. These batteries hold the Kyoryu Spirits of the animals they represent and essentially grant the Kyoryugers their arsenal. The batteries of the Zyudenryu meanwhile allow those chosen to become Kyoryugers.

D forces the Zyudenryu Tobaspino to become his partner.





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