Eric Myers
Eric Myers
Appears in Time Force, Wild Force (Cameo) 
Gender Male 
Color Red 
Debut Worlds Apart 
Last Seen Forever Red 
Sentai Counterpart Naoto Takizawa 
Portrayed By Daniel Southworth 

Eric Myers is the Quantum Time Force Ranger; serving as the Time Force's Sixth Ranger. He is portrayed by Daniel Southworth.


Having grown up "dirt poor" and having to work hard to earn a good life as opposed to the spoiled Wes, Eric grew up a bitter individual and had little to no friends. His ambition and pushing away of others pitted him against the Rangers frequently; and his "lone wolf" persona made him just as much of a threat as an ally. For much of his tenure, Eric displays a strong ambition and a craving for power, which ends up granting him the powers of the Quantum Ranger upon finding the vessel containing the Morpher. On his own, Eric is formal, serious, no-nonsense, and snarky; giving off the impression of a villain. However, Eric's bitterness hides a softer heart and he does worry about the safety and welfare of others, even if he will not openly show it.






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