Emma Goodall
Appears in Power Rangers Megaforce. Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Gender Female 
Color Pink 
Debut Mega Mission 
Last Seen Legendary Battle 
Sentai Counterpart Eri (Megaforce), Ahim de Famille (Super Megaforce) 
Portrayed By Christina Masterson 
Emma Goodall is the Pink Megaforce/Super Megaforce Ranger; well-known for her interest in nature. She is played by Christina Masterson.


Emma is very passionate about the environment, reflected in her interest in photography and animals. The most compassionate of the Megaforce Rangers, Emma loves helping those around her and will often stop whatever she's doing to assist. An empathic individual, she can tell when someone is sad and will go out of her way to lend and ear or shoulder. She is also a good singer, and used her voice to defeat Dizchord.


Power Card SystemEdit

The Megaforce Rangers were granted the ability to Morph using specialized Morphers invented by Gosei and Tensou. Theese Morphers rely on Power Cards, which allow the Megaforce Rangers to access a wide range of abilities and functions, from using elemental powers to summonzing Zords and weapons. While each Megaforce Ranger possesses auxilliary cards for overall functions, all of the Rangers' ability cards are tied directly to the element they are associated with.

Emma and Troy possess Sky-related Power Cards and control the Sky Brother Zords.

Legendary Ranger KeysEdit

The Super Megaforce Rangers are granted the ability to utilize the Legendary Ranger Keys by Gosei. These Keys allow the Super Mega Rangers to emulate the aesthetic and abilities of the past Power Rangers teams that have preceded them.




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