Earth Fights Back
Episode 21-02 
Season Power Rangers Super Megaforce 
Original Premiere February 22nd, 2014 
Directed by James Barr 
Written by Jill Donnellan 
Preceded by Super Megaforce 
Followed by Blue Saber Saga 

Earth Fights Back is the second episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. It marks the debut of a Legendary Mode based on a new un-heard of Power Ranger team.



Major EventsEdit

  • The city is still in the midst of being re-built after the first attack wave.
  • Troy begins looking for Robo Knight, and discovers that the monster Cybax has been enlisted by The Armada to launch missiles across the Earth.
  • On their way to help Troy, the Super Mega Rangers unlock the Legendary Mode of an un-heard of team of Rangers during a tussle with X-Borgs.
  • The Rangers locate Troy and help him defeat Cybax with a S.P.D. Legendary Mode change.
  • The Rangers' efforts reward them with the Delta Runner Zord, whch allows them to use the Legendary S.P.D. MegaZord combination to destroy an enlarged Cybax.


The ArmadaEdit

Legendary Ranger ModesEdit


  • The Unnamed team used here is adapted from Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
  • The Unnamed team used here would later be referred to as the "Legendary Squadron" in The Perfect Storm.
  • While the new team itself hasn't been adapted, the suit of the White Ranger has; being used by Tommy.

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