Denshi Sentai Denjiman
Season 4


February 3, 1980

Original Broadcaster

TV Asahi

Production Company


Previous Season

Battle Fever J

Next Season

Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan

The PlotEdit

3000 years ago, the Vader Clan devastated Denzi Star of which Denziland, an island from Denzi Star, landed on Earth. In modern times, the computer of Denziland awoke the Denzidog IC when it detected the Vader Clan approaching Earth. In order to defend Earth against the Vader Clan, IC found five young people (who may or my not be descendants of the Denzi Star) to become the Denzimen. Through a series of battles, the Denziman fight to defend the earth and finds out who they are along the way.

The DenzimenEdit

Ippei Akaki - Denzi Red


Daigorou Oume - Denzi Blue

Jun Kiyama - Denzi Yellow

Tatsuya Midorikawa - Denzi Green

Akira Momoi - Denzi Pink


Denzi Dog IC

Princess Denzi


Vader Clan


  • Denzi Ring
  • Denzi Stick
  • DenziBoomerang


Denzi Tiger

Denzi Fighter

  • DaiDenzin


  1. Take the Express to the Super Fortress
  2. The Cannibalism Soap Bubbles
  3. Oil Hell, Big Panic
  4. Vader Demon Castle, Pursuit
  5. The Red Poison Flower That Crawls up the Wall
  6. A Girl's Demon Offshoot
  7. The Great Tragedy of Denzistar
  8. The Skeleton Town's Great Demon King
  9. The Bizarre Telephone That Calls Death
  10. I Love Witchcraft Cuisine!?
  11. Chase the Life-Stealer
  12. The Dangerous Child Spy
  13. The Rainbow-Colored Balloon is Torn
  14. Come to the 100-Point Cram School
  15. An Invitation to the Garden of Evil
  16. Smash the Hot Sea Conspiracy
  17. Don't Cry! Baseball Novice
  18. Romance Blooms at the Southern Sea
  19. My Prince of the Stars
  20. Gorilla Boy's Great Riot
  21. Attack the Grim Reaper Faction
  22. Super Time, Strange Experience
  23. A Demon That Walks Above the Ceiling
  24. The Man With the Mysterious Power to Affix Traps
  25. The Tiger's Hole is an Escape Maze
  26. Princess Denzi's Space Tune
  27. Red Beetle Bomb
  28. The Secret Butcher of the Cursed House
  29. The ESPer Detective's Raid
  30. Missing, Stolen, Gone
  31. The Magician's Battle of Secret Arts
  32. Hell's Great Shooting Battle
  33. The Bloodsucking Instrument Lesson
  34. The Sad Orphan's Tale
  35. The Puzzling Weaver Princess
  36. Poem of the Brave Puppy
  37. Brute Force Omnipotent Devil King
  38. The Infinite Demon Sky's Great Adventure
  39. The Queen's Angry Apparition Art
  40. The Champion's Enemy
  41. The Greatest All-Out War in History
  42. The Bad Dream That Ate Boys
  43. The Puzzling Spectrum Lady
  44. The Tale of the Strange Lamp
  45. Princess Denzi was Two People
  46. Starvation Hell X Plan
  47. The Mermaid Who Disappeared in the Morning Sun
  48. The Brute-Force Devil King's Rebellion
  49. Vader Castle Big Disaster
  50. The General Dies Twice
  51. Resound, Bells of Hope!


Denziman was the 1st Super Sentai series to have a Transforming Giant Robot/Mecha.

Official WebsiteEdit

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