Appears in Alien Rangers, Zeo, (Cameo) In Space (Cameo) 
Gender Female 
Color White 
Debut Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 1 
Last Seen Countdown to Destruction 
Sentai Counterpart Tsuruhime 
Portrayed By Rajia Baroudi 

Delphine is the White Alien Ranger hailing from the planet Aquitar and leader of the team. She is portrayed by Rajia Baroudi.


Like the rest of the Alien Rangers, Delphine shows a logical, rational demeanor when dealing with others and a respect for water-life. Delphine seems to take a leadership role among the Alien Rangers; and generally speaks on their behalf. In battle, Delphine has shown more endurance than her team-mates and presumably has the most combat experience.

It is also said that she can last the longest without water compared to the other Alien Rangers.






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